The Clash

The Essential Clash
In Two Parts!

01-White riot
02-London’s burning
03-Complete control
04-Clash city rockers
05-I’m so bored with the usa
06-Career opportunities
07-Hate & war
09-Police & thieves
10-Janie Jones
12-Capital radio one
13-In hammersmith palais
14-English civil war
15-Tommy gun
16-Safe european home
17-Julie’s been working for the drug squad
18-Stay free
19-Goovy times
20-I fought the law
01-London calling
02-The guns of Brixton
04-Rudie can’t fail
05-Lost in the supermarket
06-Jimmy Jazz
07-Train in vain
09-The magnificent seven
10-Ivan meets G.I. Joe
11-Police on my back
12-Stop the world
13-Somebody got murdered
14-The street parade
15-This is radio Clash
16-Ghetto defendant
17-Rock the Casbah
18-Straight to hell
19-Should i stay or should i go
20-This is England

~ by lifeinmonochrome on June 27, 2009.

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