The Clash

Disc 1
Clash City Rockers (alternate mix)
(White Man) In Hammersmith Palais (Glasgow, Scotland, 4-July-1978)
I’m So Bored With The U.S.A. (Glasgow, Scotland, 4-July-1978)
Janie Jones (Glasgow, Scotland, 4-July-1978)
White Riot (Glasgow, Scotland, 4-July-1978)
Complete Control (London, England, 27-July-1978)
(White Man) In Hammersmith Palais (Rock Against Racism studio version)
Career Opportunities (Polydor demo, Nov-1976)
White Riot (Polydor demo, Nov-1976)
Janie Jones (Polydor demo, Nov-1976)
London’s Burning (Polydor demo, Nov-1976)
1977 (Polydor demo, Nov-1976)
What’s My Name (London, England, 27-July-1978)
Police & Thieves (Marvin/Perry) (Birmingham, England, 1-May-1978)
Garageland (Rude Boy rehearsal)
White Riot (alternate mix, 26-Apr-1977)
I’m So Bored With The U.S.A. (Leicester, England, 28-May-1977)
Hate And War (Leicester, England, 28-May-1977)
48 Hours (Leicester, England, 28-May-1977)
Deny (Leicester, England, 28-May-1977)
Police & Thieves (Leicester, England, 28-May-1977)
Cheat (Leicester, England, 28-May-1977)
Capital Radio (Leicester, England, 28-May-1977)
What’s My Name (Leicester, England, 28-May-1977)
Protex Blue (Leicester, England, 28-May-1977)
Remote Control (Leicester, England, 28-May-1977)
Garageland (Leicester, England, 28-May-1977)
1977 (Leicester, England, 28-May-1977)
Disc 2
1977 (alternate mix, 26-Apr-1977)
White Riot (alternate mix, 26-Apr-1977)
London’s Burning (alternate mix, 26-Apr-1977)
Prisoner (alternate mix, Autumn 1977)
Capital Radio (Manchester, England, 15-Nov-1977)
Janie Jones (Manchester, England, 15-Nov-1977)
What’s My Name (Manchester, England, 15-Nov-1977)
Garageland (Manchester, England, 15-Nov-1977)
Preamble (Mickey Foote demo, 12-Jan-1977)
I’m So Bored With The U.S.A. (Mickey Foote demo, 12-Jan-1977)
London’s Burning (Mickey Foote demo, 12-Jan-1977)
White Riot (take 1) (Mickey Foote demo, 12-Jan-1977)
White Riot (take 2) (Mickey Foote demo, 12-Jan-1977)
Career Opportunities (Mickey Foote demo, 12-Jan-1977)
1977 (Mickey Foote demo, 12-Jan-1977)
Janie Jones (instrumental) (Mickey Foote demo, 12-Jan-1977)
Deny (London, England, 5-Sep-1976)
1-2 Crush On You (London, England, 5-Sep-1976)
I Know What To Think About You (London, England, 5-Sep-1976)
I Never Did It (London, England, 5-Sep-1976)
How Can I Understand The Flies (London, England, 5-Sep-1976)
Protex Blues (London, England, 5-Sep-1976)
Janie Jones (London, England, 5-Sep-1976)
Mark Me Absent (London, England, 5-Sep-1976)
Deadly Serious (London, England, 5-Sep-1976)
48 Hours (London, England, 5-Sep-1976)
I’m So Bored With You (London, England, 5-Sep-1976)
Sitting At My Party (London, England, 5-Sep-1976)
London’s Burning (London, England, 5-Sep-1976)
What’s My Name (London, England, 5-Sep-1976)
1977 (London, England, 5-Sep-1976)

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