I’m Dismayed

I’ve Sat At Home And Watched People
Absolutely Rape This Site For Downloads..
You Know What…Even After 20 or 30 Items
I still Don’t Even Get A Thankyou
Or Even Any Comment At All..
I’m Doing A Lot Of People A Bloody Big Favour Here
There Is Some Real Amazing Stuff On This Blog
Which I Had To Find.
I’ve Put Everything That Was Spread From Near And Far
All In One Place…HERE
So As Far As i Can See.
If You Got Time To Download It.
You Got Time To Write Just A Few Bloody Words
I’m Not Talking To The Very Few That Always
Leave Comments Or Thankyou’s
You Know Who You Are.
Trust Me You’ll Be The only One’s Invited
When I Make This Blog Private.
You Want This Site To Stay?
Then Play Fair
And Show Some Respect.

~ by lifeinmonochrome on July 31, 2009.

30 Responses to “I’m Dismayed”

  1. Sod 'em mate. I get the same smash & grab over at the Nite Klub and it ain't worth losing any sleep over. Keep up the sterling work on this great blog, safe in the knowledge that there are people out there who DO care.Cheers,PABBY

  2. Thanks for the hard work, lot's music of memories here…cheers!

  3. Well said Mate some people are just plain lazy and rude

  4. Thank you ,great site and great music, from Sweden.

  5. Well said.It must be very annoying when you spend your time (and money) on this site and not even a nod of thanks is given!Come on people!A bit of support for this blogger (and many others i know of) is needed.Be a shame for everyone if it went "private" but i totally understand your frustrations.If i was running a blog like this and had masses of downloads & no thanks i would probably not bother continuing or make it "invite only".give them 7 days i suggest.if the trend continues then they know what will happen…..I for one greatly enjoy visiting & listening to what you put up on here.keep up the good work.love & unity,Mr C.{Sunny (sometimes) Southampton]

  6. Thanks Guys…You Know The Score!

  7. Never downloaded anything from ya (yet!) but thanks man anyway

  8. Got to agree with you. It doesn't take much to say a simple 'thanks'.

  9. Many, many thanks. This blog is the best I've seen and I've downloaded loads from here so thanks again.Brighton Rude Boy

  10. This is by far the best blog that I've come across on the net and their are some good ones out there. I'm guilty of sometimes downloading stuff and not saying thanks so sorry for that. I know I should but sometimes just take without thinking to say thanks, I'll make sure I do in future.Keep up the good work mate, so many tunes and so many memories, all your hard work is really appreciated.Dave

  11. hi i have tried several times to leave comments but they never appear

  12. Think I am guilty as charged, I know I don't leave comments on everything I have a listen to. There are only a few sites I try to look at every time I am online in case anything appeals & this is one of them. Anyway appreciate the time & effort put you put in to the blog, some real gems on here. THANKYOU

  13. Of Course you are right, lots of people (me included) come on to your blog, download what they want & dissappear again without a second thought for the person who did the hard work.I am ashamed & I will leave comments & thanks in the future

  14. I'm probably as guilty as most here :(Posted the odd comment but I suppose not in relation to the amount of stuff I've found (and usually as 'anonymous' – don't want google tracking my download behaviour!)My wrist has been slapped. Keep up the very good work!

  15. Man, you made me think about it… i want to THANK you for the music you have and share with all of us…I know its sad how it works but man! dont be sad, its the way Internet is… it is sad but we are all going to a anonymous chaos… better to smile when the hole is near by youI love your work and I admire you, the Lord is on you side, keep the hard workRESPECT from Mexico…OmarBy the wayi know (and have; in case links no longer work (not mine), drop me a line joseverve@gmail.com) about some beautiful old skool hard to find ska from mexico… please, take your time to hear the first tape from Inspector, , and also the first LP from Maldita Vecindad y los Hijos del Quinto Patio… pure old skool mexican ska!!http://www.rapidshare.com/files/260705169/blanco_y_negro.rarhttp://rapidshare.com/files/36816837/Maldita_Vecindad_Y_Los_Hijos_Del_5to_Patio-apariencias-MALDITA_VECINDAD.rar

  16. Respect To all…Thankyou..see it ain't that hard is it?

  17. Unfortunately people can be shite. What i find strange is that 2Tone touched me, and the flame is still burning bright. And i've researched and listened to the originals…… Listen to the "instrumentalists"…. Listen to Rico, and tell me you can't feel the peace and love….. Why then are some people not touched.You are what you are. Keep it that way.Paul

  18. Keep up the good work mateApologies for not leaving commentsRespect

  19. if you are on the specials forum – pm me sonchey….and if there are any discs that i have got i will send you them.. Bristol_Gas….Thanks a lot

  20. thanks 4 all the hard work here!!!i do try and always leave a ta very much,but am also prone to be lazy with it at times!!!but hey should would miss yer if you went private!!pvc

  21. Sorry mate, only just found the site and not really used blogs before. Site is great, and thanks for all your hard work.You've got some amazing stuff here!

  22. keep up the gud work m8 this is by far the best site ive found in a long time Grum Sheffield skinhead steelcity scooter club

  23. thanks mate, i have only ever downloaded a couple of your bootlegs, but i really like to visit the site nearly every day, it would be a shame to go private coz such a good selection of music like this is an education as well as entertainment for people who aint heard much two tone and ska.there will always be greedy bastards mayte thats lifei understand your frustration.respect from me.giddy up :)gaz .

  24. Great blog, I can imagine it takes alot of time effort to do. Many thanks

  25. I did leave a comment yesterday but it hasnt appeared. Just want to say i will not be lazy again and will post with every download.Very much appreciate what you do.Thankyou

  26. RESPECT peoples…thankyou all very much….

  27. I've learned quite a while ago that doing a blog has to be a labour of love. I've mentioned a couple of times in the past that I would like more of a response – not just to be thanked – but so I know what type of thing is appreciated over others. What I learned from that is people are good with comments when you ask for them but they fade again.I had numerous requests for the Sax Maniax album so after I spend over $100 on it and 2 hours ripping and editing it and then taking the sleeve to a print shop to have it scanned because it wouldn't fit on my scanner I thought I'd get some comments but to this day I've gotten only one. I know people appreciate it because I've seen it on 2 other blogs and people have thanked those other blogs who didn't take the time to thank me or give me credit at all.That's okay, I'm used to it.I don't do it for thanks – I'm not the one who made the music. The bands themselves deserve the comments. I'm not complaining either. I like seeing these rarities on other blogs because the reason I do it in the first place is to inform as many people as possible about the music and blogs like yours reach a bigger audience than I do alone.Thank you for keeping the music alive. Keep it up.

  28. hey mate..trojan work here…. i hav downloaded some stuff from here in the past , sorry bout not thanking u for past downloads , just wasnt really sure how it all works, keep up the good work mate , a word of thanks doesnt cost anything, some really good and rare stuff here …..

  29. thanks for the work.. i barely came across your site today…

  30. Thank you for your great work.I found very good stuff that i didn't knew

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