Mix Three Is Here

The Life In Monochrome
Mix 3

This Time It’s A Bit Of The Newer Stuff
Traditional Skinhead Reggae Style
Sorry No Clever Stuff This Time

Just Skankin’ Choons
Covers Included In Rar
Don’t Be Put Off By The Artists
Try It You’ll Like It

1. Prologue – Alaska
2. Pressure 24 – The Adjusters
3. Don’t Be Cruel – Alaska
4. Masterblaster – The Adjusters
5. Rickshaw Ride Through Thailand – General Rudie
6. Lonely Dub – Rotterdam Ska Jazz Foundation
7. No Love – Save Ferris
8. Musically On Top – The Aggrolites
9. Pound To The Dollar – Maroon Town
10. Together Some Day – Hepcat
11. Don’t Be Down – The Robustos
12. Thunder Fist – The Aggrolites
13. Pharoah’s Dreams – Hepcat
14. Visual Romance – Reluctant Stereotypes
15. Mumia In Tibet – The Adjusters
16. Dub A Dance – Pama International
17. What A Complex – The Aggrolites
18. Happenstance – Pama International
19. Mr Misery – The Aggrolites
20. Snake Tie – Rotterdam Ska Jazz Foundation
21. By Her Side – The Aggrolites
22. Keep Moving On – The Aggrolites
23. Illegal Operations – Rotterdam Ska Jazz Foundation
24. Dubwinder – Rotterdam Ska Jazz Foundation

Playing Time 81.03

~ by lifeinmonochrome on August 7, 2009.

One Response to “Mix Three Is Here”

  1. Great mix Sonchey. Missed The Aggrolites at Madstock (gutted, but unforseen circumstances). Love Pama (didn't sound too good supporting the Specials, better on a smaller stage). Heard some of the others but not a lot. I'll definately give them all a ear now. Thanks. Paul.

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