Shootin’ Goon were a ska punk outfit of the late 1990s and early 2000s who were signed to the label Moon Ska Europe and later Good Clean Fun Records.
Shootin’ Goon released their debut album Splottside Rocksteady in 2000, with the title inspired by the Splott area of the band’s hometown of Cardiff. The band later signed to lead singer Matt’s own record label Good Clean Fun Records, and released the Left for Dead EP in 2003. The EP was reviewed by skateboarder Bam Margera for rock magazine Kerrang!, in which he declared “I thought I was at the fucking circus!” prompting the band to sell T-shirts with the quote printed on them.[citation needed]
The band broke up in 2004 following a self-organised tour. Following the band’s demise Matt became manager of fellow Cardiff band Adequate Seven. The band reformed for a one off show in support of Adequate Seven on their last ever gig in Cardiff on December 10 2006.


1. Rick Loves Jo 3:28
2. Bradley 1:53
3. My Art 2:53
4. Back Again 3:29
5. To Anyone 1:56
6. Prove Yourself 2:41
7. Wootini 1:44
8. Black and Blue 2:13
9. Fallin’ 2:10
10. Changes 2:04
11. …Creep 3:09
12. Late Night Rumbles 2:15
13. Plain to See 2:22
14. Ymca 3:36

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