IN THE 1980’S

The Defendants were a four (sometimes three) piece combo consisting of:-
Garry McManus : bass, vocals ( Later With The Special A.K.A.)
Rich Trowbridge a.k.a. Rich T Bizkid: lead guitar, vocals
Dave Bartram : keyboard, rhythm guitar, vocals
Dick Burrows a.k.a. R J Teecha: drums, vocals
Victor a.k.a. Lord Scott: drums
Miguel D’Olivares : drums, vocals
The early 80’s saw the three piece defendants play gigs and pursue record deals with demo tapes made in Johnnie Rivers’ new Woodbine Studio in Leamington as well as various London Studios (Island, EMI, Pathway) and various producers notably Paul Riley, Dave Jordan and even Jerry Dammers stepped up to the desk to create an amusing re-mix of The Good, the Bad and the Plain Ridiculous.
After The Defendants finally disintegrated around 1982 Garry went on to play with several bands including The Rent Boys, Toucan and 3 Amazing Cats. He was perhaps best known for stepping in to play with The Specials when their original bass player Horace left during recording of their In The Studio album in 1984. (The Defendants had been friends with The Specials since they began as The Automatics). This led to television appearances on The Tube and TOTP and a photo on the front page of the NME. Garry sadly died in February 1999.
The following tracks are digitally recovered from dust encrusted cassette tapes. They leave much to be desired and at some point I may re-process them using 24bit sampling. I also have some old Ampex 2 inch studio masters but they may well crumble to dust if they are ever spooled.
Woodbine Studios with Johnny Rivers Oct ’78
Back when he was still in Woodbine Street
EMI studios 27:9:79
Source Unknown
Probably John Rivers, probably circa summer ’80 as Something’s Burning is about the St Paul’s riots which were April 1980
Pathway Studios with Paul Riley
Island Studios
probably a Dave Jordan Mix
John Peel 18th May 1978
The following was recovered from a Dindy C90 which has stood the test of time remarkably well. What a pity more of the Peel show wasn’t recorded. While Peel was a living legend we clearly took him for granted. I suppose we thought he would always be there for us.
Strictly speaking I do not have permission to make the rest of the tracks from the show available to you. I just hope that if I don’t list who is on the recording then the copyright owners will be none the wiser. If they do rumble me then I keep my fingers crossed that they realise that this recording is released in the interest of popular music history.
Live at the Boogie House, Norwich, July 1979
What a remarkable discovery!! A TDK AD-C90 recording of The Defendants third gig at the Boogie House. An intimate little club with an small disco bar and a stage one size up from The Hope and Anchor. This recording documents The Defendants playing an away game without the benefit of any rent-a-crowd fans (it’s a long way from Leamington to Norwich) in an almost empty little dive and by the end of the 40 minute set the crowd, all 30 or so of them, were shouting for more. Pity I don’t have a recording of the encore.
This high fidelity 60 MBytes recording is encoded at 192kbps providing 42 minutes of magic

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2 Responses to “THE DEFENDANTS”

  1. Another interesting looking post.looking forward to hearing another nearly two tone band.

  2. Love this band! I found that same website through 2 tone searches. Glad you're making it available, maybe it will help uncover more Defendants tunes.Also, they had one single as the School me if you would like a copyradiskull_a48@hotmail.comFantastic blog!

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