~ by lifeinmonochrome on December 15, 2009.

8 Responses to “UNCLE TERRY”

  1. Here you go Sonchey1 First Attack Of Love2 What's Wrong With Me3 Possessed (Later Recorded With Vegas)4 You5 Forever J6 No No No7 I Don't Got You8 I Drew A Lemon9 Sense10 Our Lips Are SealedAny more to come !!!!!!!

  2. Lovin' your artwork,but on the Terry Hall live back you have put 2004 on the two sides.Oooops

  3. Lol your right mate. fixed it now though, cheers.

  4. Thanks a lot, I saw Terry solo at Hanover Grand London. Never forget he did "tunnel of love" and at the restart after the pause, with perfect timing he said "hold on" took a drag from his cigarette "ok then" and carried on-the man is class!

  5. Thanks.Have been on the look out for Terry Hall material. Love this. Thanks

  6. Thanks MUCH !!

  7. Terry Christmas to Hall.Cheers Paul

  8. Thx was there that day right down the front in the small tent .brings back great memories .so has made may day looking 4ward to giving them a play .gtfi

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