Laurel Aitken

Woppi King
This One’s For My Bro…
If You’ve Never Heard Laurel Aitken’s Early Stuff…
Now Is the Time…
Be prepared To Be Amazed..
1. woppi king
2. everybody suffering
3. deliverance will come
4. babylon
5. big fight in hell stadium
6. pussy price
7. gimme back me dollar
8. have mercy
9. hailes selassie
10. heile heile(the lion)
11. freedom
12. babylon gone
13. suffering still
14. lanlords & tenants
15. jesse james
16. stop the war in vietnam
17. run powell run
18. tammering
19. blues dance
20. reggae prayer

~ by lifeinmonochrome on January 29, 2010.

3 Responses to “Laurel Aitken”

  1. Awesome reggae from one of the masters! Well done bruv keep em comin!

  2. i will thanks bro

  3. Top notch stuff.

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