The BodySnatchers

Live In Folkestone
007 1:21
monkey spanner 3:33
what’s this 1:36
mixed feelings 4:09
mule jerk 3:42
ruder than you 2:27
hiawatha 4:10
little bit of soul 2:21
happy time tune 3:57
too experienced 2:30
private eye 4:47
the boiler 4:43
the loser 3:28
easy life 1:46
lets do rocksteady 1:47
time is tight 4:42

~ by lifeinmonochrome on February 9, 2010.

8 Responses to “The BodySnatchers”

  1. Thanks for the Bodysnatchers.Only ever had half this concert.Great blog Cheers Whitey South Australia

  2. I know, their stuff is hard to come by.Unfortunately a few tracks play up a bit near the end.but that's just how i found it so….

  3. nice to see someother stuff but the girls

  4. Thanks you very much I've only heard maybe 7 songs before. My girlfriend will be pleased aswell:)

  5. FantasticLove the bodysnatchersYou are doing a wonderful jobThank you JC


  7. Thanks For The Bodysnachers !!

  8. Thank you. I love the Bodysnatchers, it's a shame they never got round to doing a full album. Ace blog!

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